Thursday, January 14, 2010

VIDEO: Alice Cohen - "Memories of Glaciers"

"Walking Up Walls"

Alice Cohen, an incredibly talented musician/video artist over on Olde English Spelling Bee, has a new video out for her song "Memories of Glaciers." The song is the closing track off her spectacular album Walking Up Walls, and it is a perfect song for the recent chill that's settled into all our frigid bones. It certainly soundtracked my morning. Waking up in a freezing Bushwick loft with no insulation or heat on yet, the song dances slowly along as I watch my breath form a cloud in front of my face.
Maybe you accidentally overlooked this awesome LP by Cohen because it came out the same time as Ducktails and Julian Lynch, but hey - that's ok! Don't beat yourself up just yet. You get a second chance. Buy it here. And look at all these incredible videos that Alice has made that you'll surely recognize.

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