Saturday, January 2, 2010

VIDEO: Byrds of Paradise - "Rowena," "Kids"

"Friendship Bracelet Presents"Byrds of Paradise played Friendship Bracelet's Cake Shop show on December 17, 2009. Original bad boys of lo-fi. Guitarist Downtown Kenny Brown hails from Williamsburg by way of NJ and first formed Byrds of Paradise in DC. The current BoP line-up includes drummer Alan Yuch, Jared Jones on lead vocals, and bassist Brenden Britz.

You may have heard a previous version of "Rowena" on Pitchfork's Best New Music back in September, or "Rosebud" on Pitchfork back in August - a track that actually features the vocals of Evan Brody from Family Portrait/Underwater Peoples Records. Get Byrds of Paradise's cassette via Friendship Bracelet and try not to shit your pants in anticipation of their upcoming EP.

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