Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Michael Azerrad Blogged About MICRO-PIXEL-RITES SXSW Showcase

"You and Our Army"
Michael Azerrad blogged about our MICRO-PIXEL-RITES SXSW showcase. He writes about trekking all the way out to "a dodgy section of Austin for a party in someone's yard... in the middle of nowhere and yet I knew several people there, including one of the people throwing the party. Weird. Bands played on a plywood stage." It was, admittedly, "dodgy." (How cute of a word is that!) Azerrad - author of Our Band Could Be Your Life (which you must have read by now) and many other prolific pieces of rock writing - goes on to call it, "one of the highlights of my SXSW – the vibe was sweet, really nice folks, and the bands were playing for the fun of it instead of trying to impress music biz people."


He even included a nice little photo of Coasting.

Granted, he said this was all Friday when really our party took place Thursday, but hey man - it was a long week of partying. It all bleeds together in the end. Point is, this is awesome. Go team.

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