Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Keepin' It in the Fam
Picture if you will, an industrial wasteland, devoid of all forms of life but filled with the remnants of desecration and destruction. Cigarettes lay smoldering in puddles of urine and beer. Lining the halls are what appear to be balls of feces carefully rolled by human-size dung beetles, but are really (miraculously) fully intact falafel balls. PBR cans lie shredded to pieces, still spurting and spewing and shaking about in restless disillusion.

This is what my building looks like after the MICRO-PIXEL-RITES party Saturday night where Real Estate, Family Portrait, and Alex Bleeker and the Freaks played the most wonderful, kick-ass weed party house show ever to live and die in Brooklyn. The evening included fantastic sets by the above bands, tunes by DJ Jon Williams, projections of Wong Kar-Wai flicks and Seinfeld eps, and a shit ton of weed, ecstasy, keg beer, whiskey, hookers, midget acrobats...

Despite most of the show info being tweeted that day with the wrong address by multiple people, we still had to turn people away at the door. We do apologize for this. Even though you may hate us now, please know that we love you anyway.

My personal highlight of the night was not when the cops came, nor was it my Oscar-worthy apology performance to my batshit crazy bitch of a neighbor which involved me crying on cue. Nor was it when Hunter and the bros from Twin Sister (love these guys!) showed up to finish off the keg, because I pretty much blacked out by then. No, my favorite part of the night came after I, in a seeeriously drunken state of excitement, ran to ask each RE bro to sing Happy B-day to our bud Emilie (of Visitation Rites, who turned 25 at midnight!) my co-host and fave lady. And they obliged, along with the entire crowd who turned around to sing to her, before diving into "Snow Days," our current fave Real Estate live jam. Needless to say, they were fucking great. Pretty rad b-day moment, if you ask me.

View photos of the magic below.

Real Estate:

Family Portrait:

Alex Bleeker and the Freaks:

(All photos by Rhiannon Marino)

Check out more coverage of the night by Chocolate Bobka, New York Magazine, Brooklyn Vegan, and Pitchfork.

Who cares if the building wants to see me evicted and hung by my neck from the tracks of the JMZ?? While the PIXELHORSE Headquarters at 59 Jefferson may be closed to more shows for a while, this is definitely not the last party to come from us. Oh what's that?? You've HEARD of our incredibly exciting unofficial SXSW backyard showcase? Of course you have! Because, like your momma says, you are SOMEBODY!

I'll see y'all fuckers in Austin!

P.S. - Congrats to Real Estate on their new music video (their first), directed by Rich Law, which premiered today. The next one is in the works already, and it sounds awesome...

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