Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Dodos (with the Ruby Suns) @ MHOW 10/14/09

"Two drum kits! Two!" My enthusiastic friend kept shouting over the din of the crowd and into my ear, her sweet whiskey breath on the side of my face. The Dodos played a sweet show at Music Hall of Williamsburg this past Tuesday night. (Oy, sweet show at MHOW... I smell an oxymoron.) The crowd, who were lifeless at best, almost killed my buzz throughout the entirety of the show. But the band played a great set! With new hits like "Two Medicines" and "Fables" they balanced it out by closing with the older fave "Fools" - ahh! I can still hear Meric Long's reverberating oooh!-oooh!-s ringing out into the abyss. Despite their fans' obvious reluctance to accept the new tri-member format, the Dodos continue to be one of the most fun live shows around.

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