Saturday, October 24, 2009

VIDEO: Real Estate - "Atlantic City"

So apparently we at PIXELHORSE have decided to become an all-Real-Estate-all-of-the-time blog. (Who has the time or patience for other bands really anyhow?? They're always doing silly shit.)

This is Real Estate performing their jammiest jam "Atlantic City." This stellar newer version of the song appears on the new full-length (!) which you can buy at their shows right now. "AC" is the kinda jam that flows through yer headphones like liquid happy and makes you unabashedly dance down the street in a state of total elation.

Shot this on standard for no apparent reason. (But Charles over at Bobka has some really top-notch stuff, so be on the lookout.) Oops. M'eh, was a looong (and totally fun) night. A night that involved some frat bros from Long Island pouring a drink down my back, dudes dressed like furries, and losing some of my footage... CMJ I love you but you're hurting me. Aren't we over yet??

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