Saturday, October 31, 2009

VIDEO: New Villager - "Say the Code"

PIXELHORSE not too familiar with New Villager. PIXELHORSE likey. PIXELHORSE hungry! ARRGGGHHH FEED PIXELHORSE!

Uh, anywayyyy, this is "Say the Code" by New Villager at the Underwater Peoples/Chocolate Bobka/twosyllable CMJ showcase at the Delancey on 10/23/09. BUNNY first told me about these bros back when the album was available for free download on Pitchfork. (Now avail for purchase from their label and iTunes. #movin'onup) She was all hot-n-bothered cos of their song "Ghengis On." She'd be all, "Yo bitch I'ma get my GHENGIS on toniiiiight for REEEALZIES!" Which usually meant, you know, a coupla J├Ąger shots, leading the Mongolian Empire into battle and maybe even occupying a large chunk of China. Just another usual Friday night in Jersey.

Uh, anywayyyy, New Villager put on a really energetic show at the Delancey, going on just after Frat Dad, but before the giant music-making furries that I now am thinking may have been just another high school acid flashback. (Does no one else see them??? Stop telling me it's all in my head!!#$@^!!) Their jams were totally danceable and made me feel like I might one day learn how to love again. Except dancing was impossible in a venue jam-packed with stomachs full of Late Night Taco Doritos® - the chiller's chip. (Remind me to sue this blog for jacking my life story rights.) I guess I never will fall in love after all.

Uh, anywayyyy. Please excuse me - partying has rendered me braindead and talking like a caveman. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Get New Villager's 7" "Rich Doors" here.

Get Holiday Shore's 7" while you're there.

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