Saturday, October 31, 2009

VIDEO: Real Estate - "Younger Than Yesterday"

A newer track "Younger Than Yesterday" by NJ jammers Real Estate, performed at the Underwater Peoples/Chocolate Bobka/twosyllable CMJ showcase at the Delancey on 10/23/09. With their first full-length barely released yet (11/17 via Woodsist but currently available for purchase at their shows), Real Estate has already got fans salivating with news of an upcoming EP Reality from Mexican Summer by the end of the year. With tracks like "Basement" (see Ray's vid) and the one above, a taste of Real Estate's reality is something we could all dig on. Like most, we cannot wait for the EP and have been devouring new songs with the ferocious appetite of a breast-feeding lioness. These boys can barely crank them out fast enough!

Check out more sweet CMJ vids by Ray Concepcion/Fury, Chocolate Bobka's c. axel, and yourrrs truly PIXELHORSE, at the Chocolate Bobka Takes on CMJ Channel.

Pre-order Real Estate's full-length.

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