Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MP3: The Burlington Hype List (Ed. 1)

PIXELHORSE Flava in Burlington, VT

So it seems as if the further north you live, the lazier you get. At any rate, your favorite PIXELHORSE lady in the north country has compiled a bulleted list of what you need to listen to. It is in no particular order, except that all should be listened to, post haste:

Andrew Valentino
Long Island, NY
Super busy boy with lots of creative output to show for it. Awesome records including House Record (think drum machiney beats, noisy a la John Maus' Songs), International, a self-titled, and many more. When Will I Be Loved is a cover album with the best cover of "Hot in the City" by Billy Idol ever recorded. This dude is buds with with John K, Ted Raviv, and Gabe (a P-HORSE crush) from Twin Sister.

(Really, Valentino's sound varies from record to innumerable record so much that it's difficult to provide a good sense of his ever-changing sound here. Check him out.)

Philadelphia, PA
Also from NY. Low fuzzy voice. I think Chocolate Bobka may have posted some of his newer stuff earlier this year. In any case, check out his upcoming show August 12th at Monster Island Basement in BK.

Burlington, VT
A local mama who frequents BK quite a bit. Beautiful voice/looping effects.

Burlington, VT
Burlington two piece. Sweet boys with lovely tunes.

Montreal, Canada
Montreal-based three piece band of boys. Sounds like the Unicorns' vocals plus "a cheap Kmart guitar with its guts ripped out (and) a two-piece drum kit and a keyboard with a mind of its own:" [via]
Watch their La Blogoteque video:

Montreal, Canada
Beautiful, loud, psych rock. On tour with Parlovr. Also Canadian boys. Joy Division and Suicide influences.

Til next time!


  1. Link to every goddamn Andrew Valentino album (I counted 15):

    Highly recommend: Another Future Record, Feel All the Wonderful Motion, House Record, Reel to Real, and Space.

  2. Yeah I added that in the post now thanks bud bud.