Friday, July 9, 2010

VIDEO: Big Troubles - "Georgia" Live

Big things are in store for Big Troubles. I love these guys. They're just a great fucking band. (And they're so nice to look at.) Gazey, handsome, loud, fast. In fact, just before this song, I have a recording of McGregor (the handsome devil who threw this rad showcase-turned-dance-party-in-a-sauna) yelling out a request to play "some of dat Pure Ecstasy slow shit!" It was hot, admittedly, and chillers wanna chill. Ian's response is barely captured in the video below but you can hear him mutter back, "Yeah... this one's... slow." They proceed to play "Georgia," a song that is in keeping with the rest of their catalogue - fast as fuck and mind-meltingly loud. Keep it up, Big T's! Check out this deliciously wet video of their performance at Shea:

Big things indeed. For the next few weeks they'll be touring with Ducktails, opening up for him and also playing with him, for a change of pace, as his backing band. They have a 7" out on Blackburn Recordings as well as a 7" on Olde English Spelling Bee, and they are releasing an LP soon which, among others, will contain this song, to be titled "Georgia."

Here's a different song by Big Troubles for your iPoddin ass' pleasure:

You can catch Big Troubles opening up Le Poisson Rouge tonight for their buds Real Estate and the magnificent Kurt Vile. I'll be there! Let's shake it.

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