Friday, July 9, 2010

VIDEO: Andrew Cedermark - "Ad Infinitum" Live

PIXELBOMB (the ladies of P-HORSE and BOMBlog) is happy to bring you the first of a short series of videos shot during Northside Fest of some of the P-HORSE gals' favorite players. First up is the talented Andrew Cedermark, accompanied by the multi-faceted bassist/keyboardist Jacob Wolf, and a clearly excitable, super cute drummer whose name has somehow escaped us.

This song, since it came out on the Underwater Peoples Winter Review, has been charming the hearts of millions. It's a beautiful, beautiful tune, and while the this particular live version does not have the female vocal harmonies that make it just so gorgeous, it retains that beauty with a warm red glowing light and the familiar face of former Titus Andronicus member, a Jersey native and Charlottesville transplant, Mr. Andrew Cedermark. And just in case you don't somehow already have it, here's the recorded version of the song, enjoy:

Beautiful, right?? We can't wait til Andrew, Jacob, Victoria, and company come back to us real soon. You've always got a place on our couches and in our hearts.

You should definitely check out some more Cedermark band jams that are also located at the Underwater Peoples store, where you'll find his 7" split with Family Portrait.

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