Monday, July 12, 2010

VIDEO: Ducktails - "Landrunner" / "Don't Make Plans" Live

PIXELBOMB Presents...
"Matt Mondanile makes girls wet." This is what I overheard some girls saying during the Ducktails set at Shea Stadium during Northside Fest. Okay, MAYBE those girls were us.

Here are two videos of Ducktails we shot that night. One is of an old fave, "Landrunner," which is now being performed with a whole band, which is new and diff for Ducktails. You can hear Matt say, "This one's a doozy" before launching in:

This next one's a new song, a chillwave mantra if you will, called "Don't Make Plans":

Ducktails will be touring with Big Troubles the next month or so. You should catch their show.

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