Wednesday, January 5, 2011

MP3: jj - "Kill You"

I Wanna Die...
I wanna die, so I get high...
and I don't wanna go anywhere that you been goin' to
anywhere you goin' to, so... kill you, and take your money

There's an example of a breakup sentiment I can really fucking get behind.

Having just come off of an asskicking sweetheart of a 6-day bingefest, I can vaguely recall hearing this song somewhere in there on one of those 6 days. On repeat. I believe it was one morning around 4pm when my lovely roommate woke me up blasting the new jj mixtape Kills that came out Christmas eve. Sort of sounds like a bad dream right? No. More like a glooorious nightmare. And just what one needs to get her ass outta bed and start binging on fun all over again.

Waking up repeatedly in a fucked-up stupor to Paper Planes 2.0 could only be made worse if it were actually the original MIA song.
It's like I always say, out with the old, in with the new.
Or more like: out with the old and fucking shitty, in with the WHATEVRRR U GOT, MAN.


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