Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PREMIERE: A Classic Education - "Night Owl"

Shaking Through
PIXELHORSE curated the most recent installment of Shaking Through, a Philly-based music and video web series. It's kicking off right here with A Classic Education and their song "Night Owl." This tune is epic and sprawling, falling and building, and full of a richness that's steeped in melancholy. We can not get enough of this polished gem. You've gotta get it for yourself! Oh hey, here you go:

The opening line, "Boy I think you're right," accompanied perfectly by the guitar... it floors us. Note for note, one can tell how much care they put into matching it up, aligning it aurally, just so. This band's been blasting through the BK scene, playing shows for years. Simply put, you should have heard of these guys by now. On the off chance you have not, here's your first opportunity to get to know these awesome people better. Watch this beautifully shot and edited video of their experience:

Shaking Through aims to accelerate the exposure of talented, emerging indie artists. Based in Philadelphia, it was created by the good folks of Weathervane Music and WXPN. A curator (music bloggers, artists and established members of the music community) nominates bands to be chosen. Selected artists come in to Miner Street Recordings where they get to experience a high-end recording session for one song of their choosing. All recording and mixing is done in just two days with the very talented and very professional producer Brian McTear. The process is captured on really gorgeous video, and the group walks away with an MP3 of the final result, feelin' free and easy.

How could you not love these guys?? Shaking Through and Co. are on board with the way the independent music industry has evolved in recent years to become a group effort, one in which everyone (bloggers, promoters, label folk, and community members alike) collectively lend support to the process of making the music we all love so much. Speaking of support, visit their website.

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