Thursday, January 13, 2011

MP3: Weekend - "Monday Morning/Monongah, WV" Water Borders Remix

Water Bored
Until recently, I never took the time to check out the band Weekend from San Francisco. I guess I was always too busy or overwhelmed to sort out the confusion between them, Baltimore's Weekends, and the newest Smith Westerns video "Weekend". These things are all quite different. Point is, Weekend are awesome! "Just how awesome are they??" you might ask, to which I reply, "Hold on a second and let me fucking show you."

Weekend is a trio of bay area dwellers who provide you with all the post-punk noise rock jams you could possibly need. Seriously, look no further for that shit. You're done. Their full-length album Sports was released this past November on Slumberland. This album is by far and away their best release yet, starting out strong with the killer single "Coma Summer":

Weekend - "Coma Summer"

In case you missed that, you can buy it from Slumberland Records... here. Get the album. Previous releases include a split 7" on Transparent last May with amaaazing SF babies Young Prisms whom we love dearly, and a 10" put out on Mexican Summer in November of '09.

Last week, a bunch of blogs posted a version of Weekend's songs "Monday Morning/Monongah, WV" that was remixed by Water Borders. (Have to admit I seriously, seriously love that as a band name.) This led me to the video for the original track, which is actually a combination of the third and fourth tracks from the aforementioned album Sports. Download that yet??

This is just what my summers looked like, growing up in New Jersey:

Oil slip-n-side and all.

Admittedly, this video is a little too reliant on the dependably gorgeous look of DSLR footage. I think the whole saturated slow-mo high-def trip is the newest music video blog cliche that will replace the former reigning king - the appropriated nostalgia collage. (See Jamie Harley.) But for now, it's pretty nice to look at, and creepy as hell, in an enjoyable Donnie Darko sort of way.

This brings us to the actual remix of "Monday Morning/Monongah, WV" by Water Borders. An exciting, dub-stepping, witch-housey take on the original more mellow tracks.

Weekend - "Monday Morning/Monongah, WV" Water Borders Remix

Mmmm, suck on all that juicy Weekend!

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