Monday, January 10, 2011

MP3: Smith Westerns - "Imagine, Pt. 3"

Dye It Blonde
Well, fuck. The weekend is over, and Mondays sorta make us wanna take off our glasses and jump off the ledge. But today actually ain't hurtin' so bad, cos there's still that new Smith Westerns album leak, riiight?

Dye It Blonde is so good it stings a little. Heavy on the glam rock guitar power, this album wears its red lipstick better than Marc Bolan wore his nut-huggingly tight pink leather pants. It was playing on repeat in our house this weekend, prompting a 3:00AM "twirl time" session with my roommate in our living room. Arms out, huge smiles on faces, dancing along to upbeat glitter rock-n-roll tunes until our neighbors came and yelled at us to turn it down.

Smith Westerns - "Imagine, Pt. 3"

This song starts out about 97% "Mr. Blue Sky" and ends totally, totally T. Rex. Those screaming guitar riffs in the final breakdown? Come onnnn.
We love it.

Now streaming all week over on NPR.

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