Tuesday, January 11, 2011

VIDEO: Magick Mountain - "One for My Ego"

Almighty Portal
While the heavy-handed reference to screensaver visuals is not at all lost on me, I can't help but consider this music video a little more deeply every time I watch it, albeit against my first instincts. The almighty portal, the only true portal. The twisting and pulsating mouth of the canal; that which gives life.

This song gets lost in the video. At points when the sexy translucent words like, "Do you have a lover?" echo in, the sexiness of the video can actually climax.

This video was co-promiered by Altered Zones and Rosequartz Blog!


  1. Oh no, MacF! I was referring to my initial reaction and comments I made to Emilie. At first I dismissively said it was a like an old screensaver or WMP visualizer and then immediately felt bad and realized I was wrong.